How many recruitment mistakes have you made?

Hiring someone, regardless of level or task, is always a challenge. A recruitment will bring considerable consequences for a long time. Hopefully positive ones. Anybody who has recruited knows how difficult it is. There is always the risk that something could go wrong in the process – from finding the right candidates, to selecting the most suitable ones and finally choosing the right person.

With help from Management Partners you are assured throughout the whole recruitment process. We do can without hesitation state that we are exceptional in this field. We will complete all steps in the recruitment process.


Unique for Management Partners is our Leadership Laboratory Assessment which helps us choose and evaluate, while at the same time providing development for, those candidates who are fortunate enough to be subjected to the Assessment. We can assist throughout the whole process of recruitment and during each stage that you deem appropriate. Get in touch with us to find out how you can secure a successful recruitment next time.

Even though we have worked with recruitment for over 12 years, we would not dare to guarantee that we have found the right person without having conducted an Assessment. Manipulative persons are good actors and can display their talents repeatedly. Deduction in advance of what is to be expected in an interview is their key success factor. This makes them able to deceive even the most skeptical assessor.

The Assessment subjects the candidate to several situations directly connected to the workplace, situations that are highly realistic. To be exposed to a situation without preparation and to be forced to solve it straight away reveals the strengths and weaknesses of any person as well as his or her ability to adjust the leadership to the situation at hand. For obvious reasons, we cannot describe the method as it must be impossible for the candidates to prepare for the Assessment.

The Assessment could be used for several reasons

  • Improvement of leadership. You will instantly become a better leader.

  • Evaluation and recruitment. We can stop you from recruiting manipulative persons.

  • Dismissal - Say that you are dissatisfied with a subordinate manager; is this due to rumours or is the manager so unfit for the job that he or she must be removed?

Executive Search and Head Hunting

Every recruitment is an investment for the future. It is especially important that you acquire the kind of person you wish for a managerial position. If you find the right one, he or she will meet the expectations and hopefully exceed them – and it will be the person that makes the difference in your organisation.

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