Networking through Management Partners

As a leader, you may sometimes need some extra energy and inspiration. By working together with Management Partners, you will gain access to our networks. We have networks suitable for leaders on all levels. Which one would suit you?

We have a large network of people, who can hold exciting presentations on very diverse topics. So, get in touch with Management Partners the next time you are arranging a course or an activity for your management team or staff.

Executive Meeting

As a customer of Management Partners you are very special to us. We get to know each other very well. We know of your successes and accomplishments, but also challenges and set-backs. We also know that it's lonely and harsh at the top. For this reason, we offer a meeting place, where you and your peers can exchange thoughts, ideas and experiences in privacy. Here you are free from unwanted attention, and get the chance to widen your network, promote your company or share your successes and challenges. Our Executive Meetings always feature fascinating speakers.



JOnas NIlsson, Autoropa & Erik PenSer

JOnas NIlsson, Autoropa & Erik PenSer


The MOD Network (“mod” is Swedish for “courage”)

The MOD network is a place for exchanging experiences of courage in leadership. The courage to change, the courage to stand your ground, the courage to move on. At the moment, there are about 500 members in the network.

Some of our MOD-meetings have been on the following topics:

"The courage (MOD) to dare assure a safe recruitment"

This morning we spoke about "Safe, crocodile-free recruitment". 
Jeanett Paludan is the CEO of Management Partners and author of two books about crocodile behavior. Jeanett, together with our recruitment team Fredrik Carlsson and Anders Stegersjö, spoke about Management Partners recruitment process and how we work with quality assurance and crocodile hunting.

“The courage of the city of Malmö to establish a brand new meeting place.”

Jan Axlund, Marketing and Sales Manager at Malmö Live displayed what opportunities are offered to companies and private persons at this completely new meeting place in Malmö. He also revealed what the sound of 2.2 seconds is like!

“The courage to handle extreme situations!”

Liselotte Nilsson, HR director in the City of Malmö, gave a thrilling presentation on how the city handled crises out of the ordinary, e.g. the extreme influx of refugees 2015. 


MOD meeting In MAJ 2016

MOD meeting In MAJ 2016

Mod meeting in september 2016

Mod meeting in september 2016

Network for Marketing and Sales Managers

This network consists of about 20 persons in leading positions in Sales and Business Development. We meet 8 times a year at each of the participant’s company. The network is a forum for the exchange of information, experience, knowledge and ideas. To achieve the best possible interaction, we intentionally seek for members from different businesses and we avoid people who are competitors.

The network relies on active participation and commitment from every member. Jointly the participants decide which topics are to be brought forward during the year and contribute with their experiences in discussions and presentations at the meetings. This ensures that you will obtain the maximum benefit.

Network for IT Managers

For 15 years Management Partners has operated one the most well established IT Networks in Sweden. We offer a network with total transparency in every respect – competing companies are members. As an IT manager, you are often alone in your organisation and do not have a speaking partner with whom to share experiences and strategic issues. Most or your knowledge you will have attained by reading and attending courses and seminars. Your knowledge of key indicators for IT in other companies is likely to be limited - this you will gain here. The network relies on active participation and commitment from you as a member.

The participants jointly decide which topics are to be brought forward during the year and contribute with their experiences at discussions and presentations at the meetings. Hence, you will get the maximum benefit from your participation. 

Network for Innovation Managers

Everything that could possibly be digitalized will be digitalized. This is a fact that is becoming more and more evident. An increasing number of companies have realized that the digitization is here to stay. Those truly foresighted have connected their processes of innovation and digitization.

What about your company? If you want to get a push in the right direction -  join the “Network for Innovation Managers". In this network we discuss the innovation issues that our members deem to be the most important ones. Obviously, digitization has been prominent on the agenda – but also topics like systematic innovation, the climate for innovation, open innovation, matters of innovation in society etc.

The purpose of the network is to learn from each other and we would be excited to learn from your knowledge and experience . 

Do you want to know more about how we could support you and your company?