We manage your projects

  • Are your projects finished on time? In line with the budget?

  • Do the results match your expectations?

  • Do you know the reasons for the outcome? Are you sure?

  • Do all people involved know what is expected from them?

Management Partners has a long experience in managing projects. As we are strongly focused on the management of change, we can help you achieve your objectives. We will manage large and complicated projects, and just as well take responsibility for the less advanced tasks. You can engage us in a steering committee, as project managers or members of a project. Your success is our priority.

Examples of projects we have carried out:

  • Planning and constructing a factory in Algeria.

  • Project management for building a hospital.

  • Ongoing improvements, Yield manager.

  • Development of software for cameras.

  • Outsourcing of IT in the public sector.

Improve you project culture 

Sometimes lack of achievements do not depend on the project manager alone. The organisation might lack a “project culture”, by which we mean all the factors that make an organisation highly capable to carry all the way through with projects. When the "project culture" is fully implemented, there are often positive spill-over effects throughout the entire organisation. An adequate structure and administration is essential for success, as well as proficiency in procuring projects and understanding how to work in a steering committee. "Side line managers" must recognize their role when their co-workers work with a project.

Business and change are increasingly conducted as projects per se. Thus, a well developed project culture will give you the quickest and most substantial return on investment you could imagine. We use the means and ways best adapted to your organisation. It could be to devise clear objectives, roles and structures, or to find the right tools and methods. This could be done by training individuals or groups, aided by workshops and realistic simulations. In many organisations, we have achieved great success in this way.   

Do you want to know more about how we could support you and your company?