Management Partners Academy

We carry out tailor-made educations and training programs adapted to management teams, boards and every other kind of employees in companies and other organisations. As a start, we analyse the needs and then create the relevant education and/or training, sometimes complete packages, emanating from the requirements and desires of our customers. Management Partners could also carry out introduction to new employees. Every trainer possesses the relevant academic training and always has personal experience of the subject taught. We use exciting learning methods, normally experience based learning to create awareness and insight. Among our tools are the Celemi business- and project simulations. As responsible for the training we respect the trust you put in us and make sure that we make the best possible use of your time.

Executive program

The program is designed for you who wants to develop your executive capability. The program is also suitable for any member of a board of directors who wants to gain a deep understanding of the role as a CEO. We ensure both personal and professional development by means of close meetings and dialogue.

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Business Economics for everyone

During one day, we run a simulated company and get to know the economic conditions that could be applied to most companies around the world, the big ones as well as the small ones. The participants will work with cash-flow, gains or losses and the resulting value of the company. This simulation offers a fantastic possibility to practice organizational management under safe circumstances. This training suits anyone who wants to understand the connection between operations and the financial outcome – thus improving the ability to make the business profitable. We also offer this training adapted to your company and as a stimulating team activity.

Leadership by coaching

Is designed for anyone who wants to develop his or her leadership, to make others grow, create enthusiasm for their work and reach the objectives you have set forth. With this program you will get the tools and a lot of practice.

Contents of the program

  •  Manager, Leader or Coach? Which is what?
  • Self-analysis – your own leadership style and personal style
  • Your key success factors
  • The basic model for successful coaching
  • Listening skills
  • Motivation and objectives
  • Resistance and Conflicts
  • Discussions and Sharing
  • Practice with different coaching tools

Target group

  • Managers
  • Others who exercise leadership, e.g. team leaders, project managers or supervisors
  • Those whose work require high communication skills e.g. in customer service, HR, procurement or sales. 

Business simulation for knowledge based companies (Celemi Tango™)

To run a knowledge based company on a market where the competition for customers and staff entail high demands. Insight and understanding of how to generate profitability and value creation in the long run. During two days we simulate such a market with companies which have to meet with demands for profit and to keep their staff. The connection between decisions and consequences will be apparent. This training is suitable for managers or sales people in consultant firms. The simulation can also be adapted to the conditions of your company.

To work with projects (Celemi Cayenne™)

Every project has some phases and difficulties in common, regardless of project model and what you want to achieve with the project. By this project simulation you learn to handle some of the problems that could arise and prepares you for the unforeseen in the next project. The training does not depend on any specific project model and works very well regardless of your role in the project. This training can also be adapted to your company or as a team activity, most of all a helpful and fun kick-off for your next project.

Innovation strategy and Celemi Medici™

Every company should have an innovation strategy. Obviously, this must be innovative. For a whole day, we concentrate on how a company can make use of the creative energy that already is there and how you can make the participants think outside the customary patterns.

Presentation, Communication and Information for managers

Successful communication is all about message and method. During three days we concentrate on how to deliver “the message”. We use creative methods and a pedagogy adapted to the demands of every participant. The training can be adjusted to the demands of your company and carried out in Swedish or English.

Change - success guaranteed

A two-day course for you who desire a long-term planning and get-up-and-go when change is needed in your organisation. We review how change management should be done at its best. We learn to clear the most common obstacles and resistance you may encounter. We do not dwell much on theory, rather we practise as you learn by doing.

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