Interim Management

One day, out of the blue, you could be missing one of your key managers. There could be many reasons for this, but if you do not act quickly you risk losing customers, staff and money. Sometimes you can find a temporary solution within the organisation. An emergency solution could be that you yourself take on the task as manager, but this is rarely a viable alternative. There are great advantages to hiring an interim manager from Management Partners. We are not on probation; we are professional interim managers. Our mission is to find a permanent solution as quickly as possible. Hence, we often handle the recruitment in these cases.

Management Partners can help you  find the right interim manager immediately. Either one of our experienced consultants step in as CEO, manager of sales and/or marketing, HR manager or procurement manager or some other position. Or we could use our network of partners to search for a person with the right experience and profile that will meet your urgent requirements. We have great experience of interim management from several different companies of varying type and interim assignments of varying length.  

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