Jeanett Paludan's trilogy about crocodiles

Jeanett Paludan works, among other things, with dealing with crocodiles in organizations and companies. Here in the first and second book of the trilogy about crocodiles, she has gathered stories from interviewees with facts and concrete advice on how to escape the grip of a crocodile's love.

She is a management consultant, entrepreneur, author and lecturer. This book is the first in a series of books about how to deal with crocodiles, both in private and professional life. Jeanett resides in Malmö and has long worked to assist and help people who may need the power, energy and courage to change the current situation.

Today she is a specialist in managing crises; on an individual level, group and/or management level. In 2001 she founded Management Partners. Today it is a company with offices in both Stockholm and Malmö, which helps other leaders to success.

A crocodile at home? Love at its worst

The first book in the trilogy about crocodiles by Jeanett Paludan

If you are in a good relationship you will not recognize anything in this book but you may come to recognize others. You may have a friend, acquaintance or neighbor that you suspect is not doing so well in his or her relationship. Or maybe your child is falling in love and you feel that all is not as it should be. Then this book is also for you.

It is also for those who recently managed to get out of a relationship that was not working or that still stand staggering, not knowing whether to stay or go. This book will help you to not feel lonely. It may help you avoid becoming crazy in love with a person who subsequently turns out to be pathologically selfish and exercising power and oppression against you and those closest to them.

Well, conversation and communication about relationships can help.
In particular, I'm thinking of young people. They need to be more critical when choosing partners they may come to have children with. This book gives you tools to a healthy intimate relationship.


A crocodile parent? All but love

The second book in the trilogy of crocodiles by Jeanett Paludan

A crocodile parent? All but love is the second book in the trilogy Jeanetts Paludan crocodiles. In this book, you get to relive sixteen stories about how it is to be a child or stepchild of a crocodile.

If you are a child or stepchild of a crocodile then one or both of your parents have traits of psychopathy, narcissism and Machiavellianism, also known as the dark triad. Growing up in such a family is difficult and often lonesome. As a child, you've probably been well off from a material perspective but behind the beautiful façade, life has been empty of love and emotional security. This book helps you to process and understand.

The book also caters for those who have children with a crocodile. I hope it will give you more knowledge about how you can best make your child or children feel better.

Finally, the book is written for anyone who wants to learn more about how crocodiles work, take part of sixteen powerful stories or simply want to increase their knowledge in the field. In the book, you will get to meet children and step-children between the ages of ten and seventy. You will get a glimpse of what it is like to be a child or stepchild of a crocodile.


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