Newplacement instead of Outplacement

When others speak about Outplacement we say Newplacement, as it is about finding the road that leads to a new future. Management Partners assist when redundancy occurs and an employee needs to find a new employer. Sometimes cooperation may not work the best solution is to part. Also in this situation, we can help – all the way.

Senior Executive Newplacement/Outplacement

This process is designed for senior executives. The mode of procedure is adapted to the needs of senior executive; it is fine-tuned to the sensitivity necessary for such a repositioning.

Executive Newplacement/Outplacement

Adjusted to the needs of middle managers and qualified specialists. The process takes in to account the situation and the objectives the individual wishes to achieve.

Professional Newplacement/Outplacement

Adapted to qualified officials with a greater focus on the practical aspects, concentrating on actions that bring about a wide-ranging interaction with the job market. The duration of the coaching is normally shorter than in the management segment. 

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